The Sports Creel

Spokane's oldest ski shop, we opened the doors in March of 1954, and we sold and serviced a little bit of everything. Boats, motorcycles, Hunting and fishing gear, sailboats, camping EQUIPMENT, and more.  Over the years, as the area around us developed, and new specialty businesses around us opened, we focused our abilities to the things that we loved to do and sell the most. One of those things has been a constant since day 1... and that's snow skis. We say all the time that it's always winter here, which to us means that we will talk, service, or sell snow ski gear year round. You'll find the shop full of fun summer toys in the warmer months, but it's really just a small distraction from what we do best.


Whether its your ski boots or your skis and bindings themselves, our services are part of what separates us from everyone else. We offer an incredible range of specialty boot fitting, including stance alignment, cuff alignment, stretching, grinding, punching, as well as buckle replacement, boot heater installation, and full blown custom work where needed. Our ski shop is full of automated technology AND incredibly skilled humans that work tirelessly and seamlessly to make sure your equipment operates at the highest possible level. We know how and when to detune edges, and when and where we shouldn't, and you get to know that your edges aren't only tempered and sharp, but also at the angles you want them to be. We offer hot box sauna treatments for wax to keep those bases gliding far longer than most traditional AND current methods. Racing or park skiing, casual recreational groomers or chasing the kids through the trees... proper fitting boots and well tuned skis will make the difference in your ski day.


Brands : Armada * Atomic * Black Strap * Boot Doc * Cantology * Connelly * CWB * Dakine * Douchebag * DPS * Dragon * Duckworth * Faction * Full Tilt * Giro * Hala Gear * Head * Hestra * Jaegendorfer * Kastle * Kialoa * Knee * K2 * KT Tape * Kulkea * Lange * Lenz * Line * Look * Master Fit * NSP * Nordica * Obermeyer * ON3P * O'neill * Phunkshun * POC * Point 6 * Pret *Purl * Radar *Rime elements * Ronix * Salomon * Skins * Smith * Soze * Strafe * Sun Valley Ski Tools *Treefort lifestyles * Tyrolia * Volkl * Wintersteiger